Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As the global energy crisis intensifies many people have been exploring alternative energy sources for the future. But Industry and Government have been dragging their feet and are resisting this inevitable change so they can continue you line their pockets.

Despite the finacial and supply considerations it is also becoming clear that society's reliance on fossil fuels has been damaging to the enviroment. Statistics do not lie and the levels of CO2 are many times higher now than they have ever been in the existence of the plant. I think it is reasonable to assume that humans are the cause of global warming and if we do not change soon it will be to late.

I have been interested and supportive of alternative energy sources for quite some time, in fact I consider myself a bit of a closet activist, although I have felt quite powerless to change anything as it would seem that the government and industry leaders are the only one who have the power to change the situation until I stumbled onto this website http://www.theelectricityalternative.com/

If you are looking to save the planet and screw those greedy energy companies out of some money at the same time you really must give this a go. I am not the most technichally minded person but I found the directions quite clear and easy to follow. By no means is constructing a solar panel an easy task but with a little effort and leg-work it is definitely better than the alternatives.

You can also construct your own home wind turbines in your yard from scratch and use these to power your home. The instructions are very simple and in no time you will have tour own home wind generator. The simplicity of this is quite amazing and it only goes to show you what you are capable of if you put your mind to it. These home wind turbines are extremely easy to build and will reduce your energy costs and the pollution you create.

This will not only achieve environmental benefits of solar or wind power but will also save you money as well. It really is quite amazing you can construct something like this at such a low cost with very little expertise. This is one of the best ways we can force change in the energy industry as an individual and force the corporations to adapt or die.

My final words "Think Global Act Local" the time to act is Now!